Lakan Signature Cocktails

All cocktails were inspired by Philippine beaches – considered by travelers as some of the best beaches in the world. I imagined drinking every single Lakan cocktail while watching the waves with soft sand between my toes. To complement our very own coconut spirit, I used authentic local ingredients.

-Kathryn Eckstein

Tanaw ng Paraw

This drink is complex, and despite being so, it does not hide the smooth flavor of Lakan. Layered with barako coffee, vanilla syrup and banana foam, it is a surprise with each sip.

What you need

30ml Lakan

20ml Vanilla syrup

10ml Banana syrup

10ml Lemon juice

1 drop Saline

Barako coffee float

Top with Banana foam

Aplaya Muni Muni

Daydreaming of the beach. Daydreaming of success. Daydreaming of this heavenly cocktail! This hot pink number is sweet, tropical and is our most requested drink. The dragonfruit and calamansi juice with lychee syrup will just make you daydream of having one tonight.

What you need

30ml Lakan

45ml dragonfruit juice

35ml lychee syrup

15ml calamansi juice

1 drop Saline

Musik ni Maestro

This cocktail is a take on a classic with a local twist. It is spirit forward and it accentuates our fragrant local Barako coffee. It has vanilla syrup, angostura bitters and the oils from an orange peel.

What you need

30ml Lakan

60ml Cold Coffee

30ml Vanilla Syrup

3 dashes Angostura

Orange Peel


Clara is a Filipina. Elegant, intelligent and sweet, just like this cocktail.

What you need

30ml Lakan

45ml Pomelo Juice

30ml Pandan syrup

15ml Calamansi Juice

15ml Campari


It only make sense to make this cocktail because of the abundance of pineapples in this country! This cocktail is herbaceous, lemony, with a touch of spice from our homemade lemongrass & peppercorn syrup.

What you need

30ml Lakan

45ml Pineapple Juice

30ml Lemongrass & Peppercorn Syrup

15ml Calamansi Juice

Fresh cracked Pepper

The Mixologist

Kathryn Eckstein

Bar & Beverage Innovator

Kathryn Eckstein has been involved in the Bar and Hospitality Industry for more than 18 years and has been based in countries such as the Philippines, Guam, Japan, and Turkey.

Certified as a professional bartender in Manila and Canada, Kathryn was ranked best in her class by the Brandywine Bartending School of Vancouver.

She completed her Level 2 Certification in WSET© and has a Serving It Right Certificate from Canada. Kathryn managed the iconic Long Bar branch in Raffles Manila and was the first mixologist of Don Papa Rum, a highly successful local brand from the Philippines. She was Assistant Floor Manager of the biggest card room in Asia, the Metro Card Club, and handled marketing and operations of hospitality events. In 2017, Kathryn partnered in the establishment of the DULO Mnl bar venture.

Kathryn developed the bar programs and menus for Chroma Hospitality (Quest Hotel & Crimson), Antonio’s Group (Balay Dako), Amorita Resort in Bohol, Southbank Cafe + Lounge, and many more. She is a bar and hospitality consultant and trainor of several bars, restaurants, hotels and resorts in the Philippines.

Currently, she is the Brand Ambassador for Lakan Heritage Liquors


Contact No.: (043) 774-5422

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